I am on your team

Corrie Ten Boom. Have you heard of her?

In her book she describes how her sister told her that they needed to give thanks for everything, including the lice that was infesting the barracks of the concentration camp where they were imprisoned.

Corrie didn’t understand at first. Why would I give thanks for lice???

Well, Corrie and Betsy were holding bible studies in their barracks. If it had not been for the lice, the guards would have uncovered this and punished them. The lice kept the guards away.

I remember this story, often, and when I was diagnosed with cancer I started thanking God for the cancer.

1 Thessalonians 5:18: give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.


It has made me a kinder and softer person. I know, that’s my choice but I choose it because I now understand some hardships. I can relate to suffering and emotional distress and sadness. But, I’ve never been one to let life hold me down. So, I chose to let it make me better. I am thankful.

It has opened the doors for me to join this journey with others. I have people I don’t know contacting me about my choices… asking questions… sharing their fears. If I can help just one person navigate this crazy path, I am thankful.

It has made me physically stronger. I’ve lost 30 pounds since February and will continue along that path. I am thankful.

It has helped my relationship with God. I talk to him far more than before. There is much more peace in my life than ever and I have come to the realization that even if I die tomorrow, that’s okay. I mean, I always knew it was okay (heaven is amazing) but it’s the pain of my loved ones left behind that I’ve dreaded. I actually have peace and feel I will still live a long life on this earth. But, if I don’t… that’s totally okay. Life here is not the end goal, anyway! I am thankful.

And, I am on your team. You are not alone. I know you are scared and fearful. The doctors have told you there’s only one path. Maybe they even told you you only have weeks or months to live. Your family and friends might think you’re crazy for considering non-conventional options. You googled alternative clinics and found negative reviews. You don’t understand the treatments some of these places are offering and are overwhelmed. You feel sick, tired, misunderstood… I know. But, I am on your team. Please reach out to me. I will take all the time you need to help you navigate through these murky waters: spiritually, emotionally, informationally.

I will listen, talk, cry… whatever you need. I am here. I am on your team. I am thankful for you.


Cancer Journey – Terrible Doctors

After being diagnosed with TNBC I went the suggested path and met with a doctor in Spokane… Dr. Moline at Cancer “Care” Northwest (quotes added around the word care because that’s the furthest from what I felt).

From the moment I met her, Dr. Moline was rude and unkind. She barked questions at me and wouldn’t wait for a response before she would bark another question at me… or I’d start to answer and she would tromp over my words.

“How are your teeth?”

Me, “They are fine… not perfect, but not awful.”

“If I asked your dentist how your teeth are what would he say?”

Me, “He’d say they are fine… not perfect, but not awful.”

Now, she is being aggressive and pointed… “If.I.called.your.dentist.right.now.what.would.he.say.about.your.teeth?”

Me, “Uh… he’d say they are fine… not perfect, but not awful.”

She then stared at me for a minute (like she was assessing me… was I lying?). Then documented what I wrote.

I then mentioned that in my pathology report I noticed that my tumor might be medullary… and I was hopeful because medullary cancers are less aggressive. She said, “That’s the case for thyroid cancer but not breast.” This is complete BS: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/kimmel_cancer_center/centers/breast_cancer_program/treatment_and_services/rare_tumors/medullary_breast_cancer.html “Despite these more aggressive characteristics, medullary tumors are less likely to involve the lymph nodes, are more responsive to treatment, and may have a better prognosis than more common types of invasive ductal cancer.”

She then went on to correct herself on this stance in her notes. Surprise, surprise.

At one point she said that chemo likely wouldn’t help me… and would probably make my tumor grow… but they’d like to see what happens. I responded that I hadn’t made up my mind about treatment yet. She responded that they would twist my arm into it.

Twist my arm.

Then, in her notes she wrote this: “She has read that chemo is not usually needed for medullary cancers.”

This NEVER happened. My husband was there… and we were both shocked to read this.

I, of course, reported her. It won’t do any good but I still did.

She recommended one Oncologist in Lewiston, ID. Dr. Morgan. Then she said, “Or, you could come up to Spokane.” I replied that Lewiston is closer so I’d prefer that. She replied, “Closer isn’t better.”

Closer isn’t better? Yet you are recommending someone closer to me? I thought she was recommending him because he was the only oncologist in Lewiston. Come to find out there are MANY.

She immediately started pushing me for a mastectomy, as well.

Needless to say, it was an awful experience. I left feeling downtrodden, disrespected, uncared for… I have never felt that way at a Doctor’s appointment. Sure, I’ve felt like a doctor was arrogant or whatever… but I’ve never felt belittled and battered.

Fast forward through my visit to Oasis – I’m doing great and going back at the end of this month. Oasis can get the scans they need for me, but (of course) I’d prefer to do it here so insurance can pay for it. I had two options… drive nearly two hours to go to a guy that my ND Oncologist recommended. Or, hope for the best and go to the clinic Dr. Moline recommended. Well, she was right about one thing… Closer isn’t always better (even though my new experience wasn’t what she was alluding to… I’m convinced she wanted me to see Dr. Morgan because he would agree with everything she said).

This next visit wasn’t great. He wasn’t nearly as pushy but definitely started the conversation by introducing himself followed by, “I have to say I don’t agree with what you’re doing.”

He tried to push me into getting a breast MRI instead of CT and Bone Scan… and then harped on about how he was going to have to write down that he doesn’t recommend these scans right now and it might affect my insurance. He was very concerned about his reputation.

He then started insisting that Dr. Contreras (senior) was Dr. Laetrile. I corrected him… and then as he left he said it (definitively) again. I again corrected him… So, your reputation is so important but it doesn’t matter for others?

Again, there was no care… no compassion… unkind… cold… no listening. What is it with these doctors? Cancer doctors should have most compassion of them all!

Some quotes:

When probing about CT and Bone Scans he said: “There’s nothing to measure.”

Me: “I would like the scans myself.”

Him: “That’s different. Okay.

Normally, you do a scan to see if there’s benefit. I mean if it hasn’t… if your tumor is growing then you’re clearly on the wrong treatment plan.

You’re wanting the wrong tests.

The test you want is an MRI… I studied this 40 years ago. We found no positive spread of disease unless it was in the lymph nodes. Having said that, there’s always the exceptions to the rule. No reason to think you have that exception. Cause 99.8%… 99.9% of breast cancers are garden variety breast cancers.”

At this point, he then acknowledges I’m triple negative. Like he didn’t know that before.

I especially love how he studied something 40 years ago but that must be the best practice.

By the way, this article indicates that CT scans are used to detect the presence of tumors: https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/diagnosis-staging/ct-scans-fact-sheet

And this: https://www.cancer.org/treatment/understanding-your-diagnosis/tests/imaging-radiology-tests-for-cancer.html

“They are sometimes used to look for cancer in its early stages (when it’s small and has not spread), and a person has no symptoms. This may be called early detection or cancer screening tests.”

But, you know… it’s totally pointless for me.

Cancer Journey – Supplements and Pharmaceuticals

Well, this is strange place to start and I promise I will write up a summary of my journey so far… but, I was asked for the list of supplements and pharmaceuticals I take and I didn’t think I would do it justice without also providing the reasons why.

When giving information like this, I like to include links to support what I’m saying. NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) is my go-to source. Why? If someone is a skeptic I want to point them to a site with no agenda and I figure this is a great location to support that end result.

So, here is the list of my daily protocol:


Melatonin: More than just a sleep aid. It is also an antioxidant. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5503661/

Silibinin (Milk Thistle): I’ve been taking this for years. It supports and heals the liver. It has also been studied and shown success with treating cancer. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4116427/

Wobenzyme: Digestive enzyme that also addresses inflammation. It also supports the absorption of proanselin (B17).

Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda): Helps regulate the body’s PH levels. I take two teaspoons in 40 ounces once a day (drink throughout the morning). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19276390

AHCC: A powder added to water every day. It is an extract of various mushrooms. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3339609/

Selenium: Antioxidant and promising for treatment in cancer. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3705340/

Proanselin (B17): This one is controversial because of what this does when it enters the body. HOWEVER, it is no more detrimental than metformin or any of the chemo pills (as far as side effects go) and the benefits far outweigh the potential disadvantages. Read about Jason Vale and the B17 coverup.

Boswellia: Frankincense. “Boswellia sacra essential oil is shown to induce tumor cell cytotoxicity in a drug resistant and metastasized breast cancer case.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3258268/

Synerpax: Antioxidant combo that includes Green Tea, Curcumin, Piperine, Grape Seed Extract, Reveratrol, Selenium, and Zinc. All of this supports the immune system. One of the key reasons why I haven’t really gotten sick or lost any hair.

Mega EPA/DHA (Omega 3 – Fish Oil): Slows tumor growth and proliferation. Heart support. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4773771/

GPG: Glycine, Modified Citrus Pectin, and Glutamine.

Vitamin D3: Increases bone strength and supports the heart.

Calms Forte (I take this on my own): Sleep aid/calms anxiety.

Cannabis Oil (I take this on my own but is approved by the hospital): SOOOO much to talk about here. In summary: supports cancer destruction, helps with inflammation and sleep. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4791146/

Essiac Tincture (I take this on my own). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16226859


Capecitabine: Chemo medication

Cyclophosphamide: Chemo medication

Alin: Anti-inflammatory

Metformin: kills cancer stem cells and more… https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4200668, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5130043/, https://www.mdanderson.org/publications/oncolog/november-december-2014/beyond-diabetes-metformin-may-have-broad-utility-in-cancer.html

Celebrex: helps with inflammation.

A note on inflammation: Prolonged inflammation causes damage to the body and weakens the immune system. The immune system needs to be in tip-top shape to fight cancer. This is why it is SO important to do everything possible to reduce inflammation and build up the immune system. Hence, the radical change in diet.

My Mom

My mom passed away last week…

Betty Kathern Hansen lived a difficult life. She was born in Searcy, AK – though for most of my life I thought she was born in Clarendon. This is a common theme with my mom… and my relationship with her. Just like her middle name. She spelled it Kathryn but her birth certificate has Kathern. I’m not judging her, just stating a truth that things were not always as they seemed.

From what I can piece together, she lived in a very small town… was bullied quite a bit… and didn’t really have a supportive and loving family. Her dad left early and she was raised by her mom and step-dad. At an early age she left, got married, and had my sister.. That relationship wasn’t long lived – I believe because she desired a life in the city – something more glamorous.

If I skip ahead quite a bit I can summarize her next few years as being surrounded by physically and emotionally abusive relationships. The price of this abuse led to her not knowing how to fully love others – and creating rifts in relationships.

We had a rift… for a long time. And then, I became a Christian. Things didn’t change in my heart overnight, though – in fact, it took several years. I wrote to her, called her, would visit but there was always a gap between us. It wasn’t until after my step-dad passed away, and I met my husband that the gap slowly began to seal up. My mom even lived with us for several years. When I look back on that house in Monroe, I have many regrets. But living there served two very important purposes: 1) Showed Michael and I we could survive a home remodel and my mom living with us without phasing our relationship; 2) Brought me and my mom much closer to each other.

Our relationship got even closer over the years. Michael and I moved to Pullman in 2014, and in 2016 I asked my mom if she wanted to come here as well. She didn’t even hesitate… and I’m so glad.

There are many things I could say about our relationship… between the half truths, and the stories… her insecurities and fears. But, those things don’t matter now. What matters the most is what I’ve learned.

It’s typically not too late to connect with someone you thought you wouldn’t be able to connect with again. 

When people are hurt deeply, they take it out on others around them… and build walls of protection. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a beautiful soul behind those walls waiting to be let free. 

None of our stories are the same and just because someone is your biological relative doesn’t mean they are your family. And that’s good, sometimes! But, if you can salvage that relationship in a healthy manner – do it!

My mom loved me very much, and spent a lot of her last days on earth trying to communicate that to me.

When I sat with my mom on her last day, I told her all of the things I was thankful for about her. Her sweetness, ability to connect with others, joy in the simple things, how much she loved me, how much she loved Michael, her smile, her generosity, her thoughtfulness…

She worked hard to make sure we were fed. She tried so much to show how sorry she was for the way things were. She let her guard down and let me in. She loved me greatly and loved Michael.

I sang this song to her over and over again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKG1h9BfBnE

Momma: You had a tough life but you’re finally at rest in Heaven. I’m so happy you’re at peace – pain and sorrow free!


Well, it’s been a while friends. I just haven’t had a lot to say. But, I’d like to discuss T-Mobile.

It all started several weeks ago when my husband ordered an upgrade. He accidentally ordered the S8 plus instead of the S8.

We received the phone, and realized the error. I called in right away. The rep told me it was okay, return the phone as buyer’s remorse, and use the shipping label that we would have used to return his old phone: the S7.

We did all of that. The next day I called back to order the correct phone – the person I was speaking to the night before was slow and hard to understand with a very thick accent. During this conversation I double checked, “Can I really use the label for the S7 to return the S8 plus.” “Yes, absolutely. Not a problem at all.”

A few days later I called again because I realized I didn’t have a label for the S7 now. The rep promised she would send me one. I waited for several hours and nothing arrived. So, I called again. This time, I made the rep wait until it arrived in my mailbox. Again, I said, “Are you sure it’s okay that I sent the S8 plus back with the S7 shipping label? They will be able to find the phones without any issues?” Answer: “Oh, yes. It won’t be a problem at all. They will scan the phone and easily find it.”

Fast forward to last Friday. I received a text that the IMEI on the return for the S7 didn’t match what they were expecting. Well, duh… that’s because you received the S8 plus. So, I called in again.

Let me pause to insert that T-Mobile reps will play lip service to you. “Our offer to help is sincere.” “#wevegotyourback.” “We are here for you.” “What a great profile picture you have!” “T-Force is here 24/7 to be able to help you out at your convenience.” Anything to try and distract you from their buffoonery.

This rep played the lip service. He “listened,” and sounded frustrated, and said all the right words. He put in a research ticket, promised he would own the issue to the end, and send me a detailed email outlining the entire problem and what he was doing to fix it.

Do you think I received an email?

Monday, I received another text from the research team stating they couldn’t find the phones. Let me break this down as this is important for later. They received the S8 Plus, scanned it in expecting it to the S7, and were like “doh!” this is not the S7 – sent me a notification.

So, I called. I spent all day Monday and much of my days Tuesday through Thursday dealing with this issue. Over the course of that time, I sent 91 messages, 60 tweets, and probably 10 FB messages. During that time, I was promised by two additional people that they would see this through to completion. Finally, this issue was resolved on Thursday. However, I had a $30 credit and wanted to know why. At first, I was told it was a credit for the down payment for the S8 Plus. Uh, no… we paid $100 down on that. I had asked about that credit roughly three times before getting a real answer. But, you know, these guys are billing experts – or so they say.

During this back and forth the rep told me that they have to confirm the boxes are not empty. Remember what I said before? They actually scanned in the phone. And what was the issue? They shipping label that was meant for the S7 and had the S8 Plus went to PA – where old phones are returned. The shipping label they generated to return the actual S7 went to TX – where buyer’s remorse phones are returned.

Finally, I thought I was done until my bill refreshed and it was $406,11 – I usually pay around $360! So, I sent a screenshot again. And, another rep took over.

All in all, I’ve been passed around to 20 people.

I made a joke about this issue taking three days to resolve and six reps. I sent another 64 messages, 4ish FB posts, and 4ish tweets regarding this matter. At one point, T-Mobile threatened to block me for duplicate posts – there was only one duplicate. Let me breakdown the issue this time:

First, the site was showing my bill as 406.11. I sent over several screenshots showing this. Next, they adjusted the bill to include an additional credit that was missing – this brought the bill down to 376.11. Closer to what I was expecting! However, they then sent over a breakdown of my charges… do the math, here and keep in mind these are THEIR numbers with THEIR totals.

$150.00 4-lines
$33.00 Insurance for lines 7115, 9274, 4033
$20.00 Mobile Internet line 9274
$5.00 Family Allowance
$28.95 taxes and fees
= $266.95

$36.30 S8 JOD for line 9541
$30.00 Note8 line 7115
$27.92 S7 line 4033
$10.00 Galaxy J7 line 2283
$8.34 UE Boom Speaker
$6.00 LG Astro line 2283
$2.09 Charging Pad
$2.00 ZTE line 2283
$1.67 Accessory line 4033
$0.84 Micro SD card line 4033
= $153.08

So, I wrote back and said: Your math is wrong and listed out the correct amounts. That rep disappeared and a new one came along. My favorite line, “We’re pretty popular so it might take us some time.” Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

This rep replied with a totally new bill amount:

On your most recent bill for the period 11/19-12/18, there were $461.83 in charges of which we adjusted off $85.72 which brings your current balance now down to $376.11. I can provide you with credits here:

($30.00) – S8+ for line xxxx
($30.00) – S8+ for line xxxx
($10.00) – mobile internet discount for line xxxx
($10.00) – mobile internet discount for line xxxx

Now, all of a sudden, my bill was 461.83? If I print out my bill to PDF that number isn’t in the bill anywhere. I’m supposed to take their word for it? I repeated that another rep sent me my breakdown and the total came to 362.11. Then I received the following (he simply took the totals – that were wrong – and sent his response):

($266.95 + 153.08 – $10.00) = $410.03 monthly total

That calculation is correct. How did you get to $362.11? *OmarF

I had to, for the 5th time, list out all of the items and say: Add this up, please. Finally, he got it! But the only response? I don’t know where the rep got those numbers. Meanwhile, on twitter a different rep sent me this breakdown:

Rate plan – $157.46
S8 () – $36.30
Note8 () 30.00
S7 () – $27.92
S7 () – $27.92
5GB MI () – $10.00
Insurance () – $13.23
Insurance () – $13.20
J7 () – $10.00
Insurance () – $9.71
Logitech Boom 2 () – $8.34
LG Aristo () – $6.00
Family Allowances – $6.02 T
axes – $15.32
Samsung Charging Pad ()- $2.09
ZTE Z320 () – $2.00
Samsung T21 Black () – $1.67
Sony 16gb memory card ()- $0.84 *KatyW

The total of these came to $378.02. I asked why that was different than anything else and her response was: I am just letting you know what I see.

All the reps will also tell you to meet them in DM or PM and they’ll be right there to help you. There were hour plus gaps of zero communication from anyone at T-Mobile.

Finally, today, I had a rep give me a breakdown I could live with. I asked if my bill could please be updated to reflect what we discussed. Response: I’m afraid we won’t be able to reprint the bill to show all the updates but hopefully the breakdown I’m building for you will make more sense. I have 12 years of T-Mobile billing experience, so I’ve definitely got this!


When I called out that the PDF bill was still showing a completely different story than what they were saying (total bill was 436.11 with a $30 credit) their response was: the best way to check the charges is on the PDF bill, the summary on the site is limited


My conclusion is that they are told to mess with customers in the hopes they will go away. Either that, or there is nobody running these service centers. Or, they are all robots intent on frustrating the human race to death – master plan to conquer the world.

I had T-Mobile several years ago and left them because of these same issues. I was reluctant to return but soon realized they had revamped their customer service. I was so excited. Now, their customer service is exactly back to where it was.

Lastly, I sent T-Mobile this:

And, to this day, nobody has offered me any kind of good customer discount for all of the issues I’ve had. A little goes a long way. I’ve mentioned this before, but I received a damaged item from Amazon the other day and reported it. I had one rep. He told me to throw the item away, order a new one and expedite shipping, amazon would pay for that. Then, he gave me a month of prime for free. I didn’t ask for any of it and would have been happy with: No problem! We’ll replace it. They are a much larger company than you with way more customers. There really is no excuse.

Their response:

There isn’t a value we can place on your time or frustration, Justina, I’m sorry we won’t be able to offer an additional credit.

WWAD (What Would Amazon Do)?

There you have it. They don’t care. Not at all. In my next segment I might just repeat what I did for Neato where I list out all of the recent complaints against T-Mobile I can find.


iRobot Roomba 770 and iRobot Braava 380t

Well, I just ordered my first Roomba. It will be here tomorrow – I will be posting some reviews after giving it a few days.

I purchased the Braava and have been using it since mid-June. It’s been working great, and is a wonderful little mop. Yes, you have to move it from room to room (the tech is not as smart as the robot vacuums). But, I don’t really mind… beats having to mop the floors myself!

One complaint I’ve seen repeated is that the mop won’t scrub up spills that have settled. I deliberately looked for a few dirty areas to make a note of whether the mop cleaned them up. It did with no issues, whatsoever. So, to the people making these complaints… What in the world are you spilling on your floors and how long did you leave it there???

The sweeping function is fine. It definitely did pull up a lot of cat hair. But, obviously, it’s not a vacuum so if there is any actual debris it will just push that around. Great for dust and hair but that’s it. It essentially functions as expected.

One additional thing I really like is that pattern it takes. It, very deliberately, goes in a back and forth motion and slightly overlaps the last row it completed.

Oh, and I named it “She” so my husband couldn’t give me a hard time for calling it “she” instead of “it.”

I might name the Roomba “He” but first I’ll give it some time to see if it’s worthy of a name.

RV Living – The toilet woes

In all of my blogs I try to create a subject line that will help the reader decide whether they really want to read.

You’ve been warned.

A few months ago my husband and I decided to sell or donate most of our belongings (and sell our house) and move to Pullman and live in an RV.

We – are – crazy.

A little back-ground. I have been working as a Project Manager for over 13 years now. For the past 7 years I’ve been primarily working remotely. I love it. I have one of those personalities that thrives in a home office environment. And, this flexibility allowed us to make this decision.

My husband was also working at home full time, but his job required a lot of local travel… and also required him to be on-call 3 times a year… These on-call stints were for three weeks at a time. Not only that, but we couldn’t plan anything for the 1-2 weeks prior to on-call or the 1-2 weeks after on-call. We both hated it.

During this last on-call period my husband jokingly said, “We should just sell everything and move into our RV.”

Little did he know, I had been thinking along those lines for quite a while. I had been reading about tiny houses, and even have a friend (and his wife) who live in their RV full time. I responded, “Why not???”

It took a little discussion, but in the end we both decided that we didn’t need a 2200 square foot house, or all of the trivial things we acquired to fill that house. What was the point? Why were we spending so much time, money, and energy on a house? So, we took the plunge.

Our house has been stripped down to the bare bones (for staging purposes) and is currently on the market. We are now living in our RV full time – and loving it so far!

But… the toilet…

We noticed previously, during short trips, that the toilet would clog easily. We have had to, on many occasions, put a stick down in the toilet to unclog it. It’s gross. It stinks. I hated it.

This time around was no different. Day two, clogged toilet, vinyl gloves, stick down toilet. Day three, clogged toilet, vinyl gloves, stick down toilet.

For those of you who aren’t aware they create a toilet treatment product for RVs to help break down waste and eliminate odors. This treatment is much needed. But, when your clog is right there… and you have to hold the valve open to get the toilet unclogged… Well, let’s just say it isn’t pleasant.

I am a firm believer, however, that most of life’s issues have been addressed somewhere on the internet. So, I consulted my friend Google about recurring, clogged RV toilets.

There are many, many, many opinions.

I tried pouring hot water on the clog… it didn’t work. I tried hot water with dish soap. It didn’t work. We tried simply using more water when we flushed… it didn’t work.

We weren’t sure if there was a bend in the pipe (like an elbow) or if the tank was simply wide and flat (I was hitting something with my stick – was it the bend in the pipe or the bottom of the tank)?

Finally, I found the holy grail of clogged toilet advice. Put a ton of water in the black tank after you empty.

I was skeptical, at first, that the resolution could be so simple. I mean, I had been struggling with this for DAYS.

But, it was worth a try. First, we needed to answer the question about the tank… was it wide and flat? My husband had to get underneath to investigate. Yes, wide and flat… that meant the toilet was dropping right into the tank (standard in RVs and good news).

We emptied the black water tank, filled it back up with about 5 gallons of fresh water… and voila! No more clogs.

Why the heck am I blogging about this? Because I want other RVers to stumble across this simple fix. Now, if you have a bend in your piping… I can’t really help you. That’s an entirely different subject.

I can’t begin to express how happy getting this toilet problem fixed has made me… And, I promise (maybe) to not blog about toilet woes again.